15 April 2019 10:13

To the general public, blockchain networks like Ethereum sometime seem like a magical alternative to traditional payment systems: phrases like “free transactions” and “instant payments” are common.

24 December 2018 12:30

The November 2018 latest notorious crypto free-fall has continued  sending all the crypto assets to their lowest levels for well over a year.

26 November 2018 09:52

Protection of the trademark often turns into blackmail, extortion and attempt to choke off the competitors.

01 April 2018 09:36

Within less than ten years since the creation of the bitcoin, the hackers stole more than $2 billion in cryptocurrencies. Over the last several years, the annual profits of the cybercriminals amounted to $200 million. As the cryptocurrency rates grow, hackers attack centralised exchanges more and more frequently, stealing the customers’ assets.