16 February 2016 19:16

IBM announced today the start of its global programme supporting the advance of distributed ledger. As part of it, IBM Blockchain Garages will open in four world capitals to unite experts and developers.

14 February 2016 22:06

Its recent partnership with Microsoft Azure attracted the attention of blockchain community to Emercoin project. CoinFox spoke with Jason Cassidy, Chief Communications Officer at Emercoin who believes in the bright future of public ledger.

10 February 2016 13:06

Opt-in RBF (Replace-By-Fee) is a useful feature of bitcoin mesh network and will help the development of the cryptocurrency. Thus spoke Stephen Pair, CEO and Co-founder of BitPay.

08 February 2016 20:15

Visa presents the company's vision on microtransactions and seeks to provide merchants with software for managing micropayments in virtual currency. This might be a step towards looking into the digital currency bitcoin.