More than $300 million worth of bitcoins were withdrawn from Bittrex accounts. Users fear that the exchange fell victim of another tremendous hacker attack, but the exchange itself claims that deposits are safe.

43 564 bitcoins were withdrawn from the Bittrex exchange. Cryptocurrency was sent to an anonymous wallet. The deal amounted to $313 million at the current exchange rate. The transaction was tracked by WhaleAlert.

Shortly after the transaction, social networks fulfilled with FUD and FOMO. Bittrex users voiced out fears that the exchange was hacked and funds were stolen. They found it strange that the exchange did not make a test transaction before transferring such a bunch of bitcoins, as it is often done if funds are transferred on the initiative of the trading platform itself.

An hour later, all bitcoins from an anonymous wallet were transferred to another address, and then again transferred to another wallet, and so on. The scheme of transferring coins from address to address with fragmentation of the total amount into parts resembles the work of bitcoin mixers, popular among cybercriminals using these tactics to launder stolen coins.

The amount withdrawn is worth a third of all assets of Bittrex. Users began to bombard Bittrex with requests about the safety of their deposits. A few hours later, the Bittrex account on Twitter posted a concise answer: “Yes, funds are safe.” The exchange management did not provide any explanation of the transaction made, neither why bitcoins were transferred from several exchange accounts to others with fragmentation.

Earlier South Korean Upbit fell victim to a hacker attack that resulted in $50 million of Ethereum lost.