We have previously told you about several cryptocurrency casinos. However, on check one of them turned out to be dishonest. We are talking about the BitStarz crypto casino.

A few weeks ago, one of our informants decided to try his hand at the BitStarz cryptocurrency casino, since he has been familiar with the digital currency industry for a long time and has been successfully working in it himself. The experimental site had a good range of games and a reputation for being a "transparent operator". What a surprise it was when it turned out that all this had nothing to do with the casino itself!

The first alarming call was the difficulty in depositing funds into the gaming account. The company flatly refused to accept bets in USDT in the case of Evolution Gaming, even though a deposit in this equivalent has already been made. After a long conversation with technical support, the casino returned the money to the player, specifying that this did him a “huge favor”. The informant transferred them to the equivalent of LTC using the OKEx exchange and deposited the funds into a personal gaming account BitStarz.

Throughout the week, he played at crypto casinos with varying success, despite the difficulties that arose when making a deposit. Of course, the preference was given to roulette, and not only to slot games, which"spin" and other amazing fraud on the part of the BitStarz casino team many often complained about.

And if there were no problems with the withdrawal of winnings not exceeding the amount of 10-20 LTC, then as soon as the informant was lucky and he wanted to withdraw 90 LTC. who honestly won, strange requests from the support team began.

He requested a withdrawal of funds, but for some reason they were not sent. When contacting support, a notification was received about the need to pass the KYC check. In response, a bank statement and passport details were provided. But employees of the casino BitStarz this information was not enough for the- instead of the withdrawal, another request for confirmation of identity came with the help of your photo with the current number. However, even after sending a selfie with a passport and number, the funds were not withdrawn.

The height of the absurdity of what was happening was the request to take a picture of himself near the house at the address of registration. Imagine what to do if this address is halfway across the globe from the person's current location? The informant did not have such a problem and he fulfilled a strange request, but BitStarz drew attention to the fact that the old registration was indicated in the bank data and again refused to withdraw.

The phone of the informant began to break off calls demanding to tell about the origin of the funds and dozens of, to put it mildly, incorrect questions from the standpoint of a cryptocurrency casino. There was a feeling that the dialogue was being conducted rather with the SEC, accusing it of tax evasion, and not with people who refused to carry out the withdrawal of an honest win of 90 LTC.

If we talk about the legal aspect, then there are no less questions. At least it is not clear how a company, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, which does not have permission to register its citizens on its platform, turns a blind eye to this moment, allowing them to spend hundreds and even tens of thousands of dollars. But as soon as it comes to their withdrawal, all kinds of "control" methods are used, including KYC, which are not required even by the largest gambling houses. Тhis is just an excuse to find a reason not to transfer the winnings to you, nothing more.

The fraudulent BitStarz casino is operated by Dama NV, registered at Julianaplein 36, Willemstad, Curacao and operating under the jurisdiction of the latter.

Dama NV's subsidiary Friolion Limited is registered at Pavlov Nirvana & Aipeias, 4, ALPHA TOWER, Floor 1, Room 11, 3021, Limassol, Cyprus, registration number HE 419102. BitStarz

Crypto Casino license number is 8048 / JAZ2020-013.

Online casinos are often complained about. Among the sites of more than 110 reviews accusing BitStarz casinos of a scam, you can see on the Trustpilot website - https://www.reviewed-casinos.com/player-comments/bitstarz-casino/

Some of the reviews from there contain interesting information about how the casino personally resolves customers use a VPN to play, but as soon as it comes to collecting the winnings, a detailed KYC check begins, the result of which will be a refusal to withdraw just because of the previously allowed VPN game. Others report that as part of the check, representatives of the BitStarz scam casino began to harass their relatives.

But the strangest thing is the way the support staff deal with frustrated customers, practicing wit and rudeness on testimonial sites. In particular, we note an employee named Olle, who hardly needs to communicate with people at all before he learns to show even a drop of respect for his interlocutors.

If the above data seemed a little to you, study the relevant topics on the Bitcointalk forum and Reddit, whose users also faced voluntary forced KYC checks when withdrawing funds: 


https: //bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5187256.0





We hope that we were able to save you from wasting your money and you will find them a much more rational use than making them a gift to the fraudulent BitStarz casino.