The number of ATMs providing services buy and sell of cryptocurrencies more than doubled since the beginning of 2021. The number of crypto ATMs is growing rapidly in North America while decreasing in Europe.

According to statistics from Coin ATM Radar, there are currently 25,856 crypto ATMs operating in the world. As of January 2021, their number was 13993, and a year earlier, in August 2020, there were only 9118 cars.

More than 47 crypto ATMs are installed in the world every day. The installation speed almost tripled compared to March 2020, from 16 machines per day.

The vast majority of all Bitcoin ATMs are located in North America. USA is the leader by crypto ATMS installing growth. The United States account for 86.6% of all crypto ATMs in the world (22388 machines). Canada occupies second place in the world, with 1,744 ATMs installed, and Austria with 155 bitcoin-ATMs stands on the third line. It should be noted that, on the contrary, the number of ATMs in European countries drastically decreased within a year. For example, 282 crypto ATMs operated in the UK in March 2020, and currently there are only 149 machines.

The largest manufacturers of crypto ATMs are Puerto Rico-based Genesis Coin and Czech Republic-based General Bytes. They account for 41.8% and 23.5% of the global crypto ATM market, respectively. The share of the Canadian BitAccess is 11.1%.

Almost all installed crypto ATMs support bitcoin. The opportunity to purchase any altcoins (Litecoins, ETH, BCH, Dash and others) is given by 19563 ATMs.