The company behind Hive, a bitcoin wallet for multiple platforms, officially announced that there was not enough capital to continue supporting the wallet and that there had not been any wallet developing activities for over a year. The Hive's founder recommended customers to move bitcoins to other wallets.

 The announcement was posted on Reddit by Wendell Davis, the wallet's creator. Later, the message appeared on Hive's official Twitter account. As Davis explained to the customers, the company needed funds to keep the service “top-notch”.

“It can be solved with some new maintainers, but it's hard to say if there's interest,” one of the Hive's comments on Twitter read. 

Davis asked reddit users to retweet the announcement to spread the word. Hive cannot reach all their customers because for privacy reasons the company only stores customer wallet numbers. The Hive wallet is compatible with Breadwallet and Mycellium so that the users can easily move their funds to other wallets.

The open source nature of the service leaves hope that some developers will become interested in maintaining the wallet and Hive will continue to operate. At the moment, Hive is looking for a new iOS maintainer, since the iOS app does not work on some mobile devices at the moment.

Davis also revealed that a new wallet product developed by the group is coming out soon.

“We actually have a pretty awesome new wallet product planned and designed, something which could make money without a grotesque compromise of ethics and integrity, and we're trying to gather up the funds for it presently. This would also allow us to finally resume development of the existing wallets. We'll post here if that works out, fingers crossed,” he said.

Although the active development stopped, the servers will be kept for anyone who needs them. Hive shows impressive stats with rating over 4 out of 5. The wallet is still listed on

Aliona Chapel