An all-inclusive bitcoin platform Cubits has launched a Refugee Relief service to mobilise the Bitcoin community for helping refugees coming to Europe.

The service provides an opportunity to donate bitcoins to any of the four chosen charity organisations, each of them having their own Cubits-based bitcoin wallet. The QR-code of the wallet can be scanned with the help of a mobile device, so as to donate without entering the whole bitcoin address.The money are converted to fiat by Cubits and distributed to the charities directly. No transaction fees are charged.

The charities Cubits already works with include Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Islamic Relief Fund Deutschland, Pro Asyl, CARE, most of them based in Germany and specialising in different ways of providing aid to, or defending the rights of, refugees and immigrants.

The official page of the project is linked to the Cubits website, where the explanations of what bitcoin is and how to use it can be found.

The Cubits Refugee Relief is not the first service aimed at helping immigrants who flee from areas of armed conflicts. The company named Bitnation issues Bitcoin debit cards to provide those who have no bank accounts with the possibility to buy things in regular stores using bitcoin digital currency, though the efficiency of this initiative has not yet been proved.

Maria Rudina