Bitcoin price has broken through the $300 barrier and is approaching its July’s maximum record of around $310, after an increase by 3.81%.

The rally began on Saturday last week with Chinese-oriented exchanges leading the way. The trading volume of OKCoin is far ahead of all other bitcoin exchanges at the moment, according to the data collected by, having 42.90% in market share for the last 24 hours.

Huobi and BTCChina have been the second and third largest bitcoin exchanges by trading volume for the last 24 hours. The peak of trading volume was recorded today at 14:53 GMT, when OKCoin had 7,76K BTC.

In July bitcoin price passed $300 for the first time since March and then went down again. The rise of bitcoin coincided with the economic crisis in Greece, which prompted some experts to seek the connection between these events.


Sonya Belova