In the wake of Paris terrorist attacks, the dark web marketplace Nucleus Market trading for bitcoin, litecoin and dash announced it is removing the Weapons section and going to ban weapon sale altogether.

The announcement published on the Nucleus Market’s homepage and reproduced by DeepDotWebruns as follows:

“Dear users, in the light of recent events in France we have decided to remove our Weapons section and we are going to disallow weapons on our Market completely. Reason is it is not very secure for us to sell weapons here anymore. Thank you for your understanding.”

It seems therefore that the reason for the removal was the increased vigilance of law enforcement towards weapon sale in the dark web.

Selling weapons is one of the traditional specialities of the dark web, together with illegal drugs and banned pornography. As CoinFox reported earlier, during the conflict in Eastern Ukraine weapons for both sides were allegedly being bought using bitcoin. However, even those who advocate free trade in drugs find sale of weapons controversial. It was, for instance, banned on Silk Road. According to DeepDotWeb, shortly before its disappearance, Agora marketplace also ceased listing lethal weapons.


Alexey Tereshchenko