Technology Strategy Director of the US Financial Services at Microsoft Marley Grey has posted an update on his blog concerning the BaaS toolkit, which was added to Microsoft Azure last month.

Noting that the previous steps, which included establishing an Ethereum-based blockchain platform for the developers, got a tremendously positive response and made it easier for the Azure users both to create new solutions themselves and to propose quick try to their customers, Marley Grey listed a number of things to come.

His so-called roadmap included an overview of partners and platforms, the list of which has now been extended from only Ethereum and ConsenSys to Ripple's Interledger Protocol:

“We're exploring how the Interledger Protocol can be used by the Azure enterprise and developer community to enable new and novel use cases within Microsoft's Blockchain as a Service offering.”

Moreover, according to the entry, Ripple validating node is already operated by Azure BaaS “for the benefit of Ripple's bank users.”

The Interledger protocol was introduced by Ripple this October. It helps to connect different ledgers and to produce secure transfers between them, as well as between bitcoin's blockchain and traditional payment networks.

Maria Rudina