Ola Doudin, the founder of the BitOasis bitcoin wallet platform, has been featured on the cover of Forbes Middle East.

Dubai-based BitOasis, which recently celebrated its first anniversary, is now planning to become the first MENA bitcoin company registered in a “major technology center.” 

The platform provides an opportunity to buy bitcoins in USD and AED and works in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. BitOasis transactions are claimed to be highly secure, thanks to three separate keys designed to protect users’ savings via their own passwords, an independent fraud prevention system and a special recovery key.

Joining a Reddit discussion dedicated to the Forbes feature, Ola Doudin thanked Reddit users for their support and commented upon her company’s current state:

“Things are very different now and we've grown our team and having great traction and momentum in our market. I don't think we compare ourselves to any other bitcoin company in the space; our market segment, users and products differentiate us to anyone else. We're recognized in the region and our success and strong reputation in the market speaks for itself now.”

As of October 2015, BitOasis claims to have 20,000 customers.

Maria Rudina