BIT.AC has launched a multi-currency wallet supporting more than a dozen different cryptocurrencies. Another multi-currency wallet, supporting fiat currency as well, is being developed by NetCents.

Bitcoin, dash, litecoin, factom, dogecoin and other digital currencies can now be kept in one wallet, instantly cross-exchanged and sent either to a standard cryptocurrency address or by email, claims BIT.AC. The coins are protected by cold storage with a “special user ranking system for additional peace of mind” ranking users who have executed more transactions higher than others. Transaction fees are fixed at 0.15% to 0.3% of the sum exchanged, half of them being paid to those who have referred the client to BIT.AC.

Philipp Schnabel, CEO of the British company, believes that his product can revolutionize the way bitcoin is used. According to the official press-release, “sending, receiving and exchanging currency has never been more practical.” The company plans to add more digital currencies (e.g. Ether) and translate their site into a number of languages.

A day before the BIT.AC release, another multi-currency digital wallet was announced by a Canadian online payment platform NetCents. According to the company, the wallet will support both fiat and digital (though unspecified) currencies, transactions between them being instant and automatic. According to CEO and founder of NetCents Clayton Moore, it “is a simple, safe and secure platform that the everyday user can utilize.” New digital currencies will be offered as soon as they become available.

Though the press release is written in present tense, the NetCents wallet is evidently not yet launched. The final part of the text specifies that the “release includes certain statements that may be deemed “forward-looking statements” which “are not guarantees of future performance.”


Alexey Tereshchenko