Platform providing information on mining profitability has integrated ether in its list. The update was supported by bitcoin and ether mining company Genesis Mining.

CoinWarz determines mining profitability of various cryptocurrencies based on the correlation between them. Currently, bitcoin is the leading digital currency, therefore, all comparisons are made against it.

The launch of the new option coincides with the phenomenal crowdsale of The DAO, a decentralised blockchain investment fund working with Ethereum-based projects. From 28 April, when the campaign started, the platform raised more than $148 million, which will very likely end up as the most successful crowdfunding project of all times. The total number of DAO tokens issued during the crowdsale has reached 1104 million at the today’s exchange rate of 100 DAO tokens to 1.20 ether. The crowdsale ends om 28 May.

CoinWarz remarks that due to the successful start of the DAO’s campaign, the price of ether is constantly growing, at the moment making the currency mining 3 times more profitable than that of bitcoin.

The DAO platform was developed by German company and aims to finance Ethereum-based projects at an early stage of development. The fund is focused on startups related to the sharing economy, Internet of Things applications and other blockchain-oriented projects. The team of DAO curators includes, among others, Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of Ethereum and founder of the Ethereum Foundation and Gavin Wood, former CTO and co-founder of Ethereum.

The CoinWarz’s partner Genesis Mining has been showing an increasing interest towards ether. Last week, it announced the launch of the world’s largest ether mining farm Enigma.

CoinWarz platform started its operation in 2013. It has 400 cryptocurrencies on its list, and for 77 of them it monitors mining profitability.


Anna Lavinskaya