The bitcoin meetup held in the Dutch capital on the first Wednesday of every month is going to celebrate the anniversary with a reception, workshops and presentations.

The first Bitcoin Wednesday took place in an Amsterdam café on 3 July 2013. Dutch startup PikaPay, the host of the event, invited “all Hackers + Activists + Family + Friends with an interest in Bitcoin tech” to join. The meetup was attended by about twenty Dutch early bitcoin adopters. The tradition has never ceased since then: a bitcoin meetup is held on first Wednesday of every month, with workshops, presentations, discussions and free exchange of ideas. The event is exceptional for this continuity, says Merkle News: hardly any other bitcoin meetup across the world is held with that regularity.

On 6 July 2016, Bitcoin Wednesday will gather for the 37th time. The organisers plan to mark the third anniversary of the meetup by making it longer, more intense and more splendid. Many prominent members of the bitcoin and blockchain community including representatives of such startups as or are invited to speak at the event on a variety of topics: decentralised autonomous organisations, blockchain education network, new solutions for blockchain scalability and performance, decentralised apps and others. Martin Jeroen van der Linden from the Delft University of Technology will speak about future scenarios of modernisation of the financial-monetary system.

The anniversary event will start at 5:30 pm and go on until 11 pm at the EYE Film Institute Nederlands in the very centre of Amsterdam. The first 60 guests could register for free. For others, tickets are sold for €10 paid exclusively in bitcoin or €20 paid in euros at the door. At the press time, 104 participants have already registered for the meetup.

Alexey Tereshchenko