It is the first mass media corporation to enter the international group of companies aiming at development and promotion of the distributed ledger technology for the needs of financial industry.

Thomson Reuters has joined more than 55 world’s largest banks, financial institutions and technology companies that formed the consortium last year on the initiative of New-York based company R3.

“The opportunities afforded by this emerging technology are enormously exciting for us and for our customers, and our goal with R3 is to collaborate together with the consortium and our customers in these key industry discussions as we shape the future of financial transactions.” Thomson Reuters’ customer solutions managing director Mark Rodrigues declared in the statement.

“Blockchain technology advocates say it has the potential to shake up how markets operate. The technology, which underpins the digital currency bitcoin, creates a shared database in which participants can trace every transaction ever made,” says Reuters. 

As CoinFox reported earlier, Thomson Reuters in partnership with Ethereum organises an IT contest HackETHon to take place in London on 9-11 September 2016. The participants will present their solutions for data management and smart contracts security.

Alex Lee