The ETC tokens worth about $ 100,000 that were withdrawn from the accounts of TheDAO users in June have been recently converted into bitcoins at ShapeShift exchange.

The founder of the New Zealand company Bok Consulting and cryptocurrency analyst Bok Khoo has discovered that someone divided the stolen funds into fractions of 2,333 ETC each – most likely, to circumvent restrictions imposed by Shapeshift – and converted them into bitcoins, now located at the given address. The attacker has never been closer to getting hold of the stolen money, CoinDesk remarks.

In September, Bok Khoo reviewed changes in the Ethereum Classic blockchain and found that 3.6 mln ETC appeared at a new account balance. This was exactly the sum withdrawn on 17 June during the attack on TheDAO that later split the Ethereum community.

Besides, 1,000 Ethereum Classic tokens worth about $1,500 have been transferred from one account to another, which Bok Khoo identified as associated with the developers of Ethereum Classic.

Khoo reminded that bitcoin "mixers" make this cryptocurrency untraceable, while for Ethereum there are no such services as yet.

Lyudmila Brus