The platform ATS Virus, using the new format of attracting investment to the cryptocurrency projects, has just launched its tokensale.

The member area feature is already functioning; there is also a possibility to top-up the balance with BTC and ETH.

ATS (Aggressive Token Sale) is a unique format elaborated by the VIRUS Project. The main advantage is the maximization of personal interest of all the participants to successfully conclude the fundraising process. In the case of an aggressive token sale everybody wins, both the project team and private investors. The main difference between ATS and ICO is a possibility for investors to make profits already during the token sale, selling tokens to other participants.

The goal of the VIRUS Project is to create three products important for cryptocurrency industry:

  • V-Center is an investment platform that allows to create and promote quality products that offer a safe investment;
  • V-Intu is an analytical product that processes information from the maximum number of cryptocurrency market-related sources and discovers current and future financial trends;
  • V-team is a community and a sort of club that brings together people whose worldview is similar to ours. All the members of the V-team become beneficiaries of the VIRUS Project who get a certain share of tokens of the ICO projects based on V-Center as well as a part of revenue from the V-Intu. It is possible to join the club by buying VIS tokens.

The trade rules on the ATS VIRUS platform are very simple. To get an access to the internal exchange, one should acquire tokens with the help of the top-up in the member area. The minimum size of assets is 0.001 BTC. It is also necessary to be registered in the project for no less than 168 hours (one week).

Every time when a participant buys tokens from the project team, their price increases by a certain margin. By the end of the first round, the price of 1 VIS will grow from 100 to 273 satoshis. To sell the tokens at current price, one can simply enter the trade interface of the platform and apply for sale. The application will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. After that, all other users will be able to choose: either to buy tokens at a higher price from the team or at a lower price from the private trader. The funds would be automatically shown at the balance in the member area, and it would be easy to transfer them to another wallet. The platform would perceive a 10% fee from any successful transaction but despite that, the profit would reach 50%.

Here you can learn more and register: