Genesis Mining, a bitcoin mining company, created a site that allows Internet users to peer into the everyday life of bitcoin mine.

The company announced the launch of three livestreams from their mining centers on a blog.

“We have three cameras going at one of our farms in Iceland and will continue to expand and add more farms as we go. These just reflect a very tiny portion of the farms we have but we believe it’s a fun and exciting process and love the idea of being able to show the community what it’s really like. Unedited and in real time!”

Currently, the users have access to three livestreams from three cameras. First camera is focused on the flag of Iceland, while second and third cameras are pointed towards mining servers. If you switch on the sound, you can hear how the computers of “Genesis mining” do their work.

Representatives of Genesis Mining hope that other bitcoin firms will follow their example and became more transparent.

In turn, their livestreams from were inspired by Vice video, that demonstrated the work of Chinese bitcoin mine

“Four months ago during a brainstorming session, an idea came up after watching the vice news documentary “Life Inside a Bitcoin Mine”, which went on to receive over 1,000,000 views. Countless friends of ours found the video and were shocked to see what the inside of a Bitcoin mine really looked like.”

Genesis Mining was founded in 2013 by mathematician Marco Streng and entrepreneur Jakov Dolic. The company is producing bitcoins on mining farms located in Iceland. The cheap energy attracts bitcoiners to this island. As CoinFox reported earlier, BitFury has the data center in this country.

Roman Korizky