07 December 2017 11:16

A talk with CEO and founder of Descrow Sergey Besedin about secure ICO-investments and startup valuation mechanisms.

07 December 2017 06:10

How the freelance market is changing, which special skills are most rapidly growing in demand, how the blockchain will help to find a job: all these topics are discussed in the interview to CoinFox by Iskander Galiev, founder of the decentralised platform Unolabo.

15 November 2017 10:01

Aldar Sandanov, the CTO of DAO PlayMarket 2.0, a blockchain platform for Android applications, told about the architecture and the functions of the platform.

13 November 2017 13:30

Sergey Sevryugin, the CEO of the REGA Risk Sharing blockchain platform, told about the transformation of the insurance market under the influence of the blockchain.