30 October 2015 12:42

In September BitPagos acquired the bitcoin exchange Unisend Argentina. CoinFox reached out to Sebastian Serrano, the co-founder and CEO of BitPagos, to learn about current position of the company and its future plans.

14 October 2015 19:25

SWIFT CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt has spoken to the Financer, sharing his thoughts on cryptotechnologies as such, their current and future influence on the banking sector, and on the bitcoin digital currency in particular.

13 October 2015 11:32

SNP should look into setting up Scottish national digital currency at an annual conference in Aberdeen, Scottish politician George Kerevan suggests. He is going to speak about the idea of a digital ScotPound at the conference fringe meeting.

10 October 2015 00:38

Dorian Nakamoto, named by a Newsweek journalist as the creator of bitcoin, elaborated on his outlook on the bitcoin digital currency, its philosophy and future in an AMA session on Reddit.