The acronym DeFi means decentralized finance, and recently they have been increasingly flickering in the headlines.

But if everyone is used to BitCoin, this novelty still raises questions, despite the fact that not so long ago the total market capitalization of tokens exceeded $ 6 billion, showing an increase of more than 600%.

In order to understand the popularity of DeFi, it is necessary to combine two things: the ability to carry out financial activities from anywhere in the world at any time and how many people do not have the opportunity, or simply do not want to go to the classic banks for money transactions. These are often associated with a waste of time, branch visits, legal restrictions and other difficulties, while DeFi requires Internet and telephone availability. How to open a crypto wallet, what is Ethereum, as well as other information can be easily found on the Internet.

Plus, DeFi's popularity has been strongly influenced by the pandemic: restrictions on movement and the crisis in many areas of life have forced people to reconsider their relationship with finances. DeFi was the way out for everyone who was left without a livelihood, lost their job or had to close their business.

Decentralized finance is going through a boom, and many people think: how can one make money from it? But fears and worries burst into these thoughts: won't the invested money burn out? Will not the capital be taken away by swindlers? The story with DeFi-takens is similar to the new wave of ICO, but projects give out tokens, mainly for raising capital. And many tokens show growth and high returns quite quickly. If before it took time for a token to go to the stock exchange and gain liquidity, now it appears, flips on Uniswap, and so — permanently, seven days a week.

What is happening worries many people, and many are trying to understand: what will happen next? The state of the crisis and so far unexplained possibilities of DeFi and the projects related to it are really interesting for people. And here comes the Clover42 project — an innovative platform developed by an anonymous Russian team of specialists. It allows users to earn on forecasts and predictions.

Let's start with basic information: four-leaf clover, an integral part of brand identity, is traditionally a symbol of luck, and the number 42 in the work of Douglas Adams "Hitchhiking across the galaxy" is the answer to "The main question of life, the universe and all that", which gave the supercomputer after 7.5 million years of calculations.

The Clover42 simplifies the forecasting market model and combines all the necessary components: deposit, forecast creation, multifunctional storage structure, distribution of mining power between different markets, stacking, liquidity mining, results determination, and has a simple interface. C42 token is a platform token, and each of the markets represented has only one such element. For example, the ERC20 DF9 token is a market token of the first prediction market called DeFi9.

One of the main innovations of the project is its semi-random mechanism for buying and burning C42 tokens. Firstly, Clover42 uses reasonable advantages in the nature of the forecast market, i.e. a forecast can be both winning and losing. The built-in C42 buy-back mechanism is based on random probabilities. Random trigger events form a collective expectation of C42 price increase in Uniswap.

C42 has both a decentralized nature and combustion mechanisms similar to the CEX platform token. The cost of a token will inevitably increase over a longer period of time.

Clover42 is a platform to which it is worth paying attention. Here and the interaction with new technologies, and the opportunity to take a chance, try your luck, and simple scheme of earnings. You can find out more details and start working with the project on their website or in social networks: