Decenturion, the world’s first blockchain state, announced the accreditation of the Australian investment company Chapmans Limited as a partner of the Decenturion’s Ministry of Commerce. Chapmans Limited will act as a supplier of a payment solution for servicing large Decenturion investors.

«This solution will simplify the process of purchasing DCNT tokens and will make it more convenient. When we deal with large institutional investors and the exchange of large amounts of fiat money to the cryptocurrency and vice versa, the question raises about the convenience, security, and legal literacy in the first place. To solve these problems, a reliable financial partner is essential», — commented Alexander Forostin, Minister of Trade, Decenturion.

Chapmans Limited employees have over 20 years of experience in advising and servicing companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and have an extensive experience advising many of Australia’s largest ASX-listed and foreign corporates — including BHP, Telstra, Boral, General Motors Holden, and Ford.

Information about Chapmans Limited

Chapmans Limited (ASX code: CHP) is an ASX-listed specialist investment company based in Sydney, Australia. The company provides growth capital and advisory services to private and public companies across a concentrated but diverse range of industries including resources, engineering and technical services and mobile technology.

Information about the blockchain state Decenturion

Decenturion is the world’s first decentralized state where the economy, management, and communications are built on Blockchain. Decenturion is one of the best projects at Consensus 2018 by the version of the business edition, Entrepreneur.
In Decenturion, a citizen is the main value of the state, and their prosperity is the main goal of Decenturion. Citizens do not pay taxes to Decenturion. On the contrary, Decenturion transfers all its assets free of charge to its citizens in the form of tokens of startups admitted to the Decenturion market.
Relations between Decenturion and the citizen are regulated through a smart contract, which is available by the link
How to become a citizen of Decenturion?
To become a citizen of Decenturion, one ought to complete the registration procedure and activate their citizenship at A citizen will receive a personal landing page in the general structure of the Decenturion state and a guide to participation in economic activities.

On August 1, 2018, 100 000 DCNT tokens will be distributed among the registered citizens of Decenturion. The system will distribute free DCNT tokens to each citizen who added their ETH wallet address with a positive balance, in proportion to the volume of the Ethereum on their wallets at the time of emission.
More details about Decenturion:

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