In the near future LH-CRYPTO, which successfully completed the ICO in January 2018 and collected more than $ 10 million dollars, launches the crypto-broker platform. The platform is expected to be launched not only by project investors, but also by private traders who understand that brokers offer a wider and more convenient set of tools for trading than cryptocurrency exchanges.


One of the main advantages of a crypto-broker is that it allows traders to earn on the change of the cryptocurrency rate. It does not matter whether the price of the coin is rising or falling, as long as it is in motion! An asset rises in price – a trader opens a long position, cheaper – cut it.

In addition, the broker allows a trader to make transactions on the exchange at the expense of credit funds provided to the trader by the broker under the guarantee of a certain deposit. That is, having only $1000 of own funds, you can open a deal for $ 500,000 or even 1 000 000. If the transaction is successful-all profit is yours (minus interest on leverage), if not – by and large you risk only your deposit.

But even such a convenient tool of exchange trading can be useless if you do not follow simple but very important rules. Secondly, a good trader never works with just one asset. Cryptocurrency fall-switch to Fiat, Fiat losses-go to the stock market. But the most important thing is the understanding that the success of a trader depends not only on what he does, but also where he operates. People who know how to count money will never get involved with sites that hang out at the most interesting place or from which someone can steal something.

In this sense, brokerage companies that have functionality for working with crypto-instruments look much preferable to crypto-exchanges at least because of the use of Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 trading terminals. But it is one thing when a broker replenishes its arsenal of crypto-instruments in order not to fall out of the trend, and quite another when a broker initially specializes in crypto-trading, opening for the crypto-trader all the currently known trading instruments from one crypto-account. Agree, this is a fundamentally different approach. The first such broker will be LH-CRYPTO and before the launch of the broker, the company, together with TRADEGURU project, holds a training marathon!

The marathon is free for everyone. This event will bring a lot of benefits to beginners and give some valuable knowledge about new tools to already experienced professionals, because it is not just an opportunity to try the broker's functionality – within the marathon all its participants will be able to get advice from leading traders, and in the final – guru will help participants to analyze the most popular mistakes.

All you need to participate in the marathon-is knowledge of English; age not less than 21 years and deposit of 100 euros.

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