October 15, 2020 - Nominex, a top 100 cryptocurrency exchange by CoinMarketCap, has announced a partnership with Colmore FX, an educational platform for traders and investors of the UK. Colmore FX and Nominex are working closely on delivering high quality courses of crypto trading for beginners in the near future.


Development in new markets and cooperation with a British company opens up new development opportunities for Nominex. The UK market is known for its development in the field of cryptocurrencies and a large number of crypto enthusiasts. Therefore, Nominex exchange is very pleased with this partnership and will continue its development in this market.

Colmore FX on its platform, in addition to cryptocurrencies, provides training in trading in such classic markets as forex and stock markets.

Thanks to the launch of the course, we are jointly expanding the audience and showing its interest in studying and trading in the cryptocurrency market.

“This partnership with the UK-based Colmore FX is definitely a big step towards our learning initiatives. Students of the course will not only have access to learning materials but will also be able to practice their crypto trading skills on the Nominex platform by participating in demo or real tournaments,” said Pavel Shkitin, the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange.

All students of the Colmore FX crypto trading course will have access to the Nominex crypto exchange to test the practical skills obtained during the studies. Users will be able to take part in demo tournaments, which are no different from real trading platforms and conditions. In addition, participants in demo tournaments can win real money for their trading success.

“Colmore FX is excited to offer trading education courses to users of the Nominex cryptocurrency exchange. We look forward to working with Nominex to educate users how to start crypto trading, build strategies and manage risk.” Yashar Moghaddam, Director, Colmore FX.

You can access the training course here. You can join a demo or real tournament here.