CoinFox continues to review interesting blockchain projects and handy financial tools. This time, it is the turn of 24XBTC, an online service that exchanges fiat currencies against their crypto counterparts.

The 24XBTC online currency exchange was founded in 2012. Unlike the majority of online exchanges, this service makes it possible to use just one platform to work with electronic payment services, cryptocurrencies, bank cards and even cash.

The exchange supports eight most common cryptocurrencies: besides top-5 currencies (Bitcoin – BTC, Ethereum – ETH, Dash – DSH, Litecoin – LTC, Monero – XMR), it also exchanges

Ripple (XPR), Zcash (ZEC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). These cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for US dollars, Ukrainian hryvnias and Russian rubles. The fiat money can be sent directly to the credit cards of principal banks (such as Alfa-Bank, Russia or Privat24, Ukraine), to an account in an electronic system (such as Qiwi) or received in cash.

24XBTC also exchanges fiat currencies, proposing hryvnias for rubles or dollars for hryvnias. This possibility might be especially important because of Russia’s and Ukraine’s ban on traditional remittance tools between two countries – such Russian and global payment systems as Western Union and Unistream.

The service also offers its customers cash delivery. Cash (USD, EUR, RUR, UAH) can be delivered with a messenger to different cities of Russia (especially Moscow and St. Petersburg), Ukraine (any city) and Belarus, but also in many cities of Europe, USA, United Arab Emirates and China.

The procedure of currency exchange at the 24XBTC website is following: the users go to the special online calculator on the main page, chooses the pair of currencies that they would like to change, and the service calculates the amount to be received by the users. If the conditions are acceptable, the customers would confirm the amount and start formatting the request. Then the customers would indicate their payment address and contact data, in the case the operator would need to confirm the details. When the users have entered and verified their data, the request is immediately sent to the 24XBTC operators. The status of the request can be followed status in a separate pop-up window. When the request is approved, the funds are transferred to the address declared by the customer. The website has recently changed its design and now the platform is not only helpful but aesthetically pleasing.

Other advantages of the platform include its responsiveness: the operators of the exchange use the messengers Whats App and Viber to answer the questions of the customers on a 24-hour basis. The Telegram channel @tg24xbtc and the Jabber messenger are also available day and night.

The service also rewards its users for recommendations to friends and relatives: for every user brought to the platform, the customer receives additional income and gratitude from 24XBTC. The bonuses are given regardless of whether the new user bought or sold anything: the referral program gives rewards just for propagating the links to the service.

CoinFox wishes thе serviсe 24XBTC success and more loyal clients!