Enthusiasts predicted to Bitcoin's cryptocurrency the place of a new universal currency. But as practice has shown, the Cryptocurrencies will more likely occupy some specialized niches, than they will oust currencies imitated by states from the world economy.

Now there are already more than 1000 cryptocurrencies, even Bitcoin is divided into Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Classic.

The fastest of all are those who have found their niches for use. For example Ripple (XRP) - a cryptocurrency created for the protocol of currency exchange and money transfers. While the rest of the cryptocurrencies are almost at war with the global financial system, the founders of the XRP establish relations with the banks of Switzerland, Spain, India, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates. Monero (XMR) is one of the most anonymous cryptocurrency, the most common in dark-net and has earned a fame of a favorite of delinquents. Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency created for the system of smart contracts. IT giants are the main contributors to its development, and the leading world banks created the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

The similar path was chosen by the creators of the innovative service BUY&SELL and the BAS cryptocurrency. BUY&SELL is a classified of a new generation which is based on the blockchains and uses some advanced IT achievements such as an artificial intelligence and Big Data technologies. BAS is a cryptocurrency that will be used inside the system for the deals between buyers and sellers, as well as to pay for advertising services on the platform.

 Such a symbiosis gives very serious advantages both over other classifieds, and over cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and their imitators. Due to the fact that users of the service will be permanent holders of BAS tokens and their number will grow with the development of the service, this cryptocurrency is more resistant to market fluctuations and crisis situations. This will allow a more stable growth and avoid manipulation of the BAS course.

The BUY&SELL platform, in its turn, receives all the advantages of using cryptocurrency. Users will get rid of overpayments of extra commissions to banks and loss of funds for currency exchange when ordering goods from abroad. In addition, the development of the BUY&SELL platform with the use of blockbuster makes it less vulnerable to hacker attacks and gives an opportunity to effectively counter fraud. The entire history of operations and changes in the description of goods will be stored in the blockchain. Therefore, it will be possible to easily identify which users of the system are not conscientious and resolve any disputable situation. The growth of trust on the part of users together with the built-in business social network will give a good ground for entrepreneurs. The beginning and development of business on the BUY&SELL platform will be as simple as possible. And the lack of a system of auctions for advertisement presenting and a self-learning advertisement presenting system will help advertisers to accurately identify the target audience and reduce the budget on marketing.

BUY&SELL and BAS  - is a good opportunity for investors, such niche cryptocurrencies will get the maximum of development in the future. In addition to the profit from the growth of the cryptocurrency, 40% of the income of BUY&SELL company will be annually deduced to the ETH wallets and spread among holders of BAS tokens.

For more information about the ICO visit http://buyandsell.io/