If asked from a layman that what does he understand by Wall Street, he would probably say that it is the most dynamic and famous place to put your investments and try your luck to generate more wealth out of your money. Since its outset, it attracted a lot of investments not just from US but from the world market too.

However, with the financial crisis that happened in 2007-08, its credibility became sceptical and created a sense of agitation among major stakeholders. The reason was clear, lack of complete information. This gave birth to cryptocurrencies via blockchain technology which shares information in form of a distributed ledger to each member of the chain. Changing or manipulating that information is nearly impossible. People started channelizing their funds in them and the era of diversion of funds started.

When the direction of investment is changing, it is important that the epicentre of investment also evolves. This has been made successful by the new ICO called BANCA. It is an investment banking community based on blockchains and AI, introduced with the aim to solve the transparency issues of traditional investment banks and to become the trail blazer of a future investment banking service model.

Banca works on set business protocols therefore preventing the economic problem of moral hazards that took place during financial crisis. It utilizes AI and smart contracts to achieve automatic management. The best part is it reduces the cost of execution as well as cost of compliance. With big data analysis and intelligent robo-advertising, the investment community will be more accurate in recommending relevant service providers for clients; provide more useful data and information for a specific client; and connect fund raising projects with potential investors more efficiently.

This platform can be used to make investments as well as analysis as it provides for:

  • Primary Market
  • Secondary Market
  • OTC
  • Fundamental Services

For example, if you wish to buy/sell tokens in the secondary market, you can make use of Coin AI application of Banca where you will be provided with Robo-advisory services on what coins to buy/sell based upon your specific needs and agendas. Not just that it can host crypto trading competitions and reward users and vendors. Since it is a decentralised social investing platform, users can get rewards for recommending good ICOs. Also, since recommendations are not centralised, it is obvious that the highest recommended ICO will be free from bias. And to validate those recommendations, the running projects on Banca platform whether primary or secondary are all monitored.

Well, this is an innovative model to evolve the investment bank community as well as to provide high returns to investors on minimum risks as your potential portfolio is designed by the AI based analysis. After all, it is great when your important decisions are backed by expert opinions and when those experts are robots, you can atleast not worry about the objectivity of their recommendations. Congratulations on moving towards another era of investment; towards higher returns than ever; towards lower returns than ever and towards greater trust systems.