Eternal Trusts project is the world's first blockchain platform that fulfills dreams. The platform allows to program future transactions on smart contracts and make deals in the future, that is - in fact, fulfill the dreams of its customers. However, one dream they have already fulfilled-the project announced the launch of the referral program, in which each referral receives payments in cryptocurrency, not in the tokens of the project. Anyone can step up as our service provider and earn money!

The referral program of Eternal Trusts is really favorably different from many analogues - here the referral bonus of 5% is paid in cryptocurrency, which referrals use to buy tokens of the project, not tokens ETT! If desired, any member of the program, of course, will be able to convert the reward into the tokens of the project. Only those who have registered on the site receive their own referral link - here you can see how many referrals were registered by the link; how many of them bought tokens and how many coins were credited to the referral program. That is, any participant of the program promoting the project can actually earn cryptocurrency…

But, before you promote the project, it is necessary to understand what is Eternal Trusts. As we have already said, the platform on which anyone can describe the goods and services he needs and program an autonomous purchase of future services on the basis of smart contracts.

Computer algorithms designed to conclude and maintain commercial contracts using blockchain technology can exist for any period of time, which means that once the deal becomes possible, it will be completed, no matter how long it takes to make the service possible.

But why would one need autonomous purchase of some goods and services that are yet to emerge? How can today's customers benefit from something being bought on their behalf within a hundred years?

Our platform is ideal for performing time-deferred actions with biomaterial. Nowadays, with the development of cryoprotection technology and cryoprotectants, freezing or chemical stabilization allows to store biomaterial for unlimited amount of time… However, no company can offer its customers de-conservation, restoration, cloning or mind uploading in the time period that they require. And why enter cryosleep if you can’t leave it or the conditions of leaving it are unpredictable? The answer is obvious. Eternal Trusts project allows us to ensure the contracts are fulfilled and makes it possible to restore the customer, rather than simply store his biomaterial for an infinitely long time...

In order to ensure sufficiency of funds for executing transactions in the future, Eternal Trusts creates discretionary purpose trusts for the clients and all the needed infrastructure – to protect the assets stored inside the trusts funds from any claims from the third parties. Money from trusts can be spent only for the needs and purposes of the client. Such assets are located in the most stable banks and are managed by most reliable long-term investment strategies. This is one of the main advantages of the trust: sooner or later, the amount of money contained in it will be sufficient to complete any transaction, provided it is feasible and there is a suitable contractor for it with the necessary technologies. For a more colorful demonstration of this, here’s a quick example: in 1626, the American Indians of the Delaware tribe sold Manhattan Island to the Dutch for 60 guilders (about $30 at the time). This transaction is traditionally considered to be one of the most unsuccessful in the history of commodity-money relations. But if the Delaware were familiar with the banking system and received payment for the land in money and put them in the bank for at least 10 percent per annum, their deposit would now grow to about 504 quadrillion dollars.

If a trust is used, it is only a matter of time before it is possible to purchase the required service or product in the future. Eternal Trusts automates this and other transactions necessary for the welfare of the client. That is, trust management of assets is carried out until the algorithm of autonomous fulfillment of objectives on the basis of an annual analysis of potential contractors issues a verdict that the goal designated by the client is achievable.

Integration of blockchain technology into the field of trusts allows the company to reform the industry that is more than 800 years old – after all, trusts appeared in the early medieval (XII-XIII centuries) in England. The use of decentralization technologies helps get rid of the human element, make the first step to creating a perfect system potentially consisting only of a client and a computer, into which he will input his objectives, goals, dreams, and lay down a certain algorithm for their implementation. Then after pressing the proverbial “Start" button, an autonomous process of achieving the set goal begins. In this design Eternal Trusts acts as the creator of infrastructure, which will eventually realize someone's dream of flying to Mars, or waking up filthy rich in a 100 years.

To show the versatility of the project, the authors have already announced the launch of a bounty program, according to which tokens will be awarded to potential customers for successfully formulated and detailed fragmented goals, tasks and dreams.

The project’s Pre-sale began on 22 March 2018.

During this stage of the token sale 200 000 000 ETT tokens will be available. Price per token will be just 0.01 US dollars, while the target pre-Sale Cap – 2,000,000 US dollars. The main token sale will run through the 1 of June to the 1 of August with a targeted soft cap of 7,000,000 US dollars.

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