Eligma is on its way to become a universal trading platform that will use AI and blockchain technologies to gather a large number of online stores on one platform, enable user to manage their belongings and implement a universal loyalty program that will enable users to earn and redeem a single currency – Eligma’s ELI crypto token – in all stores, partnered on the platform.

Eligma’s public crowdsale is in full swing

Even before the start of the public crowdsale, the team was able to comfortably surpass the chosen soft cap of 3,000,000 $ by collecting 14,550 ETH in the private and public presale phases. Following this success, Eligma’s public crowdsale started on April 17th and will last until May 8th. Taking current cryptomarket conditions and community feedback into account, two very important decisions regarding the token sale were made:

The Ethereum exchange rate was locked at 800 $

The entire crypto market has been very unstable and the Ethereum exchange rate has dropped sharply since the start of our presale phases. That means that our early supporters would be at a disadvantage, as they would receive a lower number of ELI tokens, since their ETH contribution would be worth less and their bonuses would lose their purpose. We could not let that happen, because those are the people that trust us the most.

We also have great faith in the crypto market and blockchain technologies in general. That is why we decided without hesitation we would take a big part of the risk upon ourselves and show the world how serious we are about our project and its vision. By locking a price that is higher than the one on the market, we will enable our contributors to receive more ELI tokens.

Eligma’s team decided to burn all ELI tokens not sold in the public crowdsale

There are two usual ways that companies treat tokens that were not sold in the crowdsale – they either burn them or keep them for future use and distribution. With community feedback strongly in favour of the first option and aligning with the company’s thinking, Eligma’s team decided to burn its unsold tokens.

What does burning mean? It basically means sending those tokens to an unusable address where they are lost forever, and no one can access or use them. This prevents the company from owning a large share of the tokens and having a too large of a influence on the token economy.

Excellent reviews for Eligma on YouTube

There have been a number of influencers that have reviewed Eligma’s project since it entered the crypto space. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing strong team and advisors, clear vision and roadmap and a strong marketing effort. Some of the more memorable quotes were delivered by Young And Investing – “The team is just insane!”, The Cryptoniac – “The vision about what they want to do is really solid!” and The Crypto Lark – “E-commerce is a trend that is only growing at an exponential rate. There is a lot of interest from big companies to be involved in what Eligma is offering.”