The global educational system is on the brink of a new round of technological disruption. Just as 50 years ago cheap airline tickets made first-class education available to the most gifted offspring of the middle class, now blockchain-based platforms are going to make education of a new type available to everyone. This will be tailor-made, or customized, education.

It is no secret that conventional education does not meet the goals of our economies. Examples are numerous - engineers, communications specialists, bankers, editors - any seasoned professional will say that University education does not provide the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a given job. Further, it takes from three to five years of constant teaching and training for a graduate to become a professional. For the first several years of a graduate’s career, companies are investing in an individual whose efficiency is very low.

This gap between what universities offer and the actual needs of companies and economies has created opportunities for platforms that offer online education (edtech firms). Their students can choose from a greater number of courses and professors than their peers from conventional universities. But such platforms lack incentives for students, and most people that enroll to courses drop out quite early. The image below illustrates how student engagement changes over the time on such platforms.



Tutellus, the biggest online collaborative platform in the Spanish-speaking world, has found a solution that will enable it to provide such incentives. It wants to pay the best students for learning and remunerate the best teachers. Tutellus is creating a blockchain-based platform to do this. It will use two tokens: TUT and Smart TUT (STUT).

TUT tokens will be used as a means of payment (or currency) on the Tutellus platform and with other platforms. STUT tokens will not be traded for fiat money, but will be granted to students and teachers for their achievements. STUT tokens can be stored in Tutellus wallets or used to pay for other courses on the platform. Employers will have to pay for identifying the best students.

The value of TUT will fluctuate, but one STUT will always cost 0.01 EUR.

Such an incentive system will benefit all participants. It will provide stimulus to students to choose courses that will enable them to acquire useful skills for their future professional career, teachers will focus on providing such skills and employers will be able to attract young professionals that are better prepared for professional careers than University graduates are. A win-win system for all parties.

Prices on the Tutellus platform will be much lower than those of traditional Universities. A course may cost about $30. Teachers will enjoy flextime jobs that will enable them to increase their income by somewhere between $200 and $500 a month.

Tutellus has already been on the market more than five years. It started in 2013, and now has about 1 million community members from 160 countries.

Now Tutellus is ready to launch its ICO to raise $40 million (hardcap). The pre-sale will be launched on May, 10. During the presale ETH, BTC, XEM, LTC, BCH, ZCASH, DASH, and USD will be accepted, the minimum purchase will be 5 ETH. Early-bird participants may expect discounts or bonuses of up to 20 percent.

The main sale will begin on June, 12. The minimum purchase during the main token sale will be 0.05 ETH, and early-bird participants are promised bonuses of up to 10 percent.

DISCLAIMER: TUT public sale will not be open to citizens, residents or green card holders of the USA (including Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and any other protectorate of the USA) or other representatives of the USA

TUT tokens will be sold on the Cryptonomos platform. Please, visit for details of the Tutellus’s forthcoming ICO and to read its documents.