Although the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation is not conducive to the conduct of ICOs, the Russian projects still find the opportunity to enter the IPO of tokens, registering the company in a more receptive legal field. In this review we will tell about 10 the most sensational and expected ICO of spring and summer 2018, prepared by teams from Russia and the CIS.


Russian celebrity and instagram star №1 Olga Buzova decided to expand her popularity to tokens. She presented to the crypto community BUZAR, the project of the P2P-platform, which will serve as a "marketplace" and a communication platform. BUZAR will be a social network, a messenger, and a service for the sale and purchase of goods and services. Also announced the functions of real estate search, money transfers and employment search.

The unit of account on the platform will be the cryptocurrency BUZCOIN (BUZ), which is offered for purchase during the ICO at the price of 1 BUZ = $0.1 in ETH. The minimum purchase is equivalent to $10. Hard Cap of the project- $210 million and now is the pre-sale stage, ICO will be held from 18 of June to 16 of September.


An entrepreneur Vladimir Kosenko together with scientists from Novosibirsk Akademgorodok presented this year the result of 11 years of development and $10 million of investment – the first blockchain-car theft insurance. The solution is based on a patented invention, noise-resistant communication channel with pseudo-random frequency tuning. It transmits a signal from a hidden device in a car to the search module, the network of which will be deployed in 8 cities of Russia and abroad. SurruS system allows to find most of the stolen cars, and in case of failure, the company will pay an owner 100% of the market value of the car.

During the token sale the project offered its own token SURR – a unit of account, which later can be used to pay the insurance of cars or to exchange for security tokens SRS and get unlimited income.

Now the project is in the pre-sale stage, and for the first 300 ETH invested, the company guarantees a 25% of yield due to a repurchase on the day of the ICO completion – the 1 of August.


DateCoin is a token of a new international dating service based on the proven effectiveness of the application for dating Denim with an audience of 800,000 users. During the ICO, DTC tokens which can be used to pay for the service are offered with a benefit of up to 50% compared to the payment in Fiat. And some features, such as video chats, can be purchased only for these tokens.

Blockchain in the project has the role of protection from fakes and bots, and now there are lot of them on dating sites. Accounts will be verified through the storage of information in the blockchain, and then artificial intelligence based on working with an array of data will select to each user an ideal candidate for acquaintance.

ICO of the project will last until the 30 of May, the cost of 1 DTC = 0.00025 ETH.


A team of a well-known payment service Best2Pay, which conducts over 2 million transactions per month, is launching a blockchain-project Paygine and goes to the ICO with a token PGN. Paygine will represent an open financial blockchain-platform for fast and cheap transactions in Fiat and bitcoin between legal persons as well as on the principle of P2P.

This platform will be implemented not as an independent service, but as a White Label product, that is, any commercial organization will be able to purchase it, brand it for themselves and configure the necessary functions through an open API. When paying for the platform services, 1 PGN token is equivalent to 1 US dollar. Token holders will be able to pay for Paygine services with 10-30% discount.

During the ICO the minimum level of investments accepted is $100, the cost of the token is $1. Soft cap is $3 million, Hard cap is $66 million. 


Monopoly is a platform project for easy investment in promising projects. Teams will be able to place their projects on the platform and find investors, and the latter will be able to vote for their favorite ideas and participate in the distribution of profits.

All calculations within the system will be made in MNP tokens, which are offered during the ICO. The price of the token on the ICO is 0.001 ETH, Soft Cap of the project – $ 1 000 000, Hard Cap – $ 25 000 000. From the 100% of the funds collected 20% will go to a saving fund for financing new and existing projects, 30% will go to the team to cover costs, 50% will be distributed among the token holders. The ICO of the project will be held from May to July.


YODSE stands for Your Open Direct Sales Ecosystem and it is a global ecosystem that connects directly manufacturers and buyers of industrial products. The founders aim is to provide thousands of large and small manufacturers of industrial products with a fast access to the global market without unnecessary costs. Buyers, in turn, will receive quality products at low prices without intermediaries directly from the manufacturers. Blockchain in the project will help to organize the prompt delivery of orders with a guarantee of receipt.

The tokens allow to pay for the services of the platform, as well as they can be loaned and then give interest. ICO is held from  the 20 of May to the 30 of July, the cost of the token is $1.

Eternal Trusts

The project stands out for its unusual concept: the company offers as a product a service that will be available in tens or even hundreds of years. Future clients of Eternal Trusts will be able to enjoy the service of cryopreservation of the body, cloning or copying of consciousness to an artificial carrier. Of course, nowadays these services are not available, but science is rapidly developing, and customers can now begin to save money for the realization of their dreams in a special trust, protected from the claims of third parties. The smart contract guarantees that the funds from the trust account will be debited only upon the occurrence of the conditions specified by the client.

Complex interest allows you to accumulate a large amount even with a minimum investment, but it takes many years. For example, $400 thousand for 100 years will turn into more than $347 million. It is possible that by the time science will open a way to restore the body or at least the mind of a person in a state of cryopreservation. The customers of Eternal Trusts can write in their smart contract a condition to «wake them up " when, for example, their account will have a certain amount, or when they enter the 10% of the richest people on earth. It sounds incredible, but 100 years ago people could not even dream of flying into space, and today it is a reality.

ICO of the company is held from the 1 of June to  the 1 of August. The price of EET token will be from $ 0.014 to 0.021 depending on the stage. Soft cap is $7 million, Hard cap will be announced after the pre-sale stage. With the help of the tokens it will be possible to pay for the company's services.


KingSlayer is the world's first mobile MMRPG with blockchain economy. The game mechanics include mining, battles on smart contracts and a decentralized exchange of artifacts, and the 120-page plot is not inferior to the top fantasy online games.

Blockchain is also needed in the game to ensure honesty: no one can cheat trying to change information. During the game, participants earn virtual currency, which can then be sold on the exchange or exchanged for BTC. VGC tokens are offered during the ICO, 1 token = $0.1. Soft cap is $200 000, Hard cap is $10 million.


The first decentralized mobile communication system that allows mobile operators, subscribers and service providers to interact directly. Bubletone is expected to eliminate roaming costs and open new sources of income for the system participants.

The project team has 20 years of experience in mobile communications, and they intend to create a Telecom platform on blockchain technology. For example, the service will allow to connect directly to the local mobile operator on a foreign trip. In addition, it will be possible to choose any tariff plan among the proposals of several operators from different countries. The subscriber and the operator sign a smart contract, and the payment goes to the operator through the blockchain without intermediaries.

All services on the platform can be paid for with UMT – Universal Mobile Token. They are offered during ICO from 20.04 to 20.05 at the price of 1 ETH = 4000 UMT. Hard cap is $15 million.


SKYFchain is the first platform for b2r (Business-to-Robots) collaboration. The project appeared as a logical continuation of the successful Russian project which creates unique drones SKYF – unmanned air cargo platforms for vertical take-off and landing. SKYF machines can be quickly converted to solve a variety of tasks: from the delivery of goods to extinguishing fires.

Now the company is going to ICO to collect investments for further development. At the stage of the pre-sale in just 5 days it collected $5 million. Now the token SKYFT can be bought for $0,065, the minimum purchase is 3,000 tokens. It is necessary to say that the project was registered in the SEC and is legally available to investors from the United States.