Russian miner not only filed a complaint with police over robbery of his mining equipment, but also hired detectives and asked shamans to help find stolen mining farms.

Yury Dromashko, the owner of the mining farms in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, lost 28 ASICs for bitcoin mining. The equipment was stolen in mid-July.

Dromashko filed a complaint with the police, as well as hired detectives. He tries to find his mining equipment so desperately that he took a gamble on siberian shamans who are supposed to ask ancient spirits to help find stolen ASICs.

"Detectives work in Irkutsk. We are looking all over the Baikal region with the help of spirits and shamans. Apparently, there were four or five robbers," Dromashko said.

The damage from theft is estimated at 1.5 million rubles ($25,000).

Irkutsk region is one of the most popular regions for Russian miners to locate mining equipment due to the availability of inexpensive electricity.

Dromashko, an engineer by profession, decided to start mining in 2016. According to him, he sold his apartment and took out a loan, and bought computers, ASICs and rent a facility for his bitcoin mining farm. In addition to the bitcoin farm, Dromashko also owns a karaoke café in Irkutsk.