Pantera Capital investment fund revealed results of its work for five years and forecasted the growth of bitcoin price in 2018 and 2019.

Pantera Capital Fund, launched in 2013, reported that fund’s lifetime return is 10,136.15% net of fees and expenses. In its blog, the fund recalls that on 21 August 2013, when bitcoin was trading at $104.48, Dan Morehead, the founder of the fund, wrote in a letter to investors that bitcoin is similar to gold and that it will necessarily grow in value.

"I think it’s north of 50% chance that the world adopts a global currency/payment system in which free cryptography replaces the very expensive “trust” charged by banks/VISA-MasterCard/Western Union/PayPal/etc. Bitcoin dominates cash, electronic fiat money, gold, bearer bonds, large stone discs, etc."

Morehead called bitcoin the "first borderless payment system ever."

In November 2013, bitcoin rose to over $253, while Pantera Capital managed to earn $1 million per day.

Pantera Capital forecasts that by the end of 2018, bitcoin will rise in price to $21,000, and by the end of 2019 the first cryptocurrency will go to the moon jumping as much as to $67,500. The calculation took into account the growth in the price of bitcoin from July 2010. The cryptocurrency, despite temporary declines, showed consistent and exponential growth.