The cryptocurrency market is growing swiftly enough to attract not only investors and traders but also scammers and fraudsters.

These conmen often pose as creators of “promising” platforms that seek to raise capital through ICOs.


The team behind the CINDX crypto assets management hub has created a helpful set of guidelines on how not to become victims of unfair play, so you can learn what should be primarily taken into account when evaluating ICOs before investing in them.

CINDX is an investment ecosystem for crypto trading with a unique architecture. The platform enables access to a large number of trading platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges, through one account, and makes it possible to follow the investment strategies of expert traders.

Because of the structure of the platform, crypto investors are not obliged to hand their funds over to the third parties. Crypto asset managers receive a limited access to the funds of the investor to manage and trade their funds. This minimises the risks of theft or loss of funds. Investors only pay a reasonable transparent success fee while having all of the objective trading statistics recorded on the blockchain.

CINDX takes its business seriously with particular attention and cares to legal matters. CINDX’s team has taken great care to ensure that CINDX is as compliant as possible with global regulation.




Not all countries have paved a legal pathway for carrying out token sales; rational cryptocurrency regulation and a well-informed regulatory base for ICO projects are the exception rather than the rule. Many countries (including China and South Korea) have forbidden similar campaigns of attracting finance at all.

Data collected by experts at the  University of Luxembourg revealed that of  450 ICO projects, 20% of white papers didn't contain any information about the emitting company; 21% didn't specify any information about project organizers.

With increasing attention on the cryptocurrency industry from financial regulators, choosing the best jurisdiction to hold an ICO in is particularly important.

At the end of March 2018, financial regulators in Estonia published recommendations for organizers of crowdfunding companies and investors in ICO projects. These recommendations correspond to modern realities of the industry, which is why CINDX chose Estonia as a base for its operations.




Along with Malta, Switzerland and Gibraltar, Estonia is included in the list of the most legally-friendly jurisdictions for cryptocurrency companies. However, before the start of  fundraising campaign the firms are required to claim the license of Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) and register the prospectus.

Additionally, all ICO projects registered in Estonia are required to be licensed by Estonian Police and Border Guard Board Anti Money Laundering Office.

The CINDX project currently has two licenses in its portfolio that have been issued by the Estonian authorities: the first authorises CINDX to implement virtual currency exchange transactions, and the second authorises CINDX to work as a non-bank financial institution.


Compliance to  KYC/AML Standards


The traditional global financial sector treats cryptocurrencies with caution. Many famous investors and traders often criticize the new industry, including BlackRock CEO Larry Fink. Fink said that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had risen in popularity because of high "demand for money laundering".

At the same time, BlackRock’s former portfolio managing directors, Michael Wong and Adam Grimsley, announced the creation of a cryptocurrency-based hedge fund just months after Fink condemned crypto.

This confirms that interest in the cryptocurrency market is driven by serious financiers. These individuals and organizations often lack the tools to ensure technically and regulatory proficient operations in the crypto markets.

With CINDX, investors do not need to spend time studying a huge array of cryptocurrency projects and learning the technical skills necessary to operate in the cryptocurrency markets.  

Instead, CINDX allows its users to gain passive income from investments managed by professional traders. Users will choose a Manager based on a special evaluation system that records a comprehensive history of each Manager’s trades.

Along with the convenience of CINDX’s interface, the platform ensures that its users are safe by implementing standard KYC/AML requirements. These counteract money-laundering and ensure that each participant in each é is identified. Every CINDX user must undergo this procedure.


Team and Advisory Board


One of the most important qualities of any project is the creators and developers behind it. The higher the experience and competence of each participant, the greater the chance that the project will be successful.

The CINDX team consists of a variety of professionals in the field of investments and capital management, as well as  IT developments.

The Chief Executive Director of CINDX, Yury Avdeev, started the project with  9 successful projects on his résumé, and $2 million cryptocurrency assets under his direct management.

Val Jerdes, the Product Director, and famous "angel" venture investor from Silicon Valley joined CINDX with 20 years of experience in investing in startups at the initial stage of development.

To evaluate a cryptocurrency platform, it is also important to study the project’s advisers and evaluate how their experience is relevant to the areas in which the ICO project plans to develop. At CINDX, the advisers are professional venture investors.

For example, Keith Teare is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the investment committee for the British venture company Accelerated Digital Ventures. He is also a shareholder of TechCrunch. Additionally. Austin Kimm, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Crypterium, has more than 30 years of experience in insurance and asset management with industry giants such as Renaissance and Aviva. Advisory board is also presented by Philip Staehelin, with 25 years of corporate consulting and entrepreneurial experience.


Product Availability


The availability of the MPV version of the product presents one of the most significant opportunities to evaluate how worthy the investment in a product is.

To date, whitepapers and roadmaps are not unequivocal guarantors of a project’s future. Often times, after funds have been collected, company representatives postpone the launch of a product. This significantly affects the liquidity of the produced tokens, which in turn affects the chances of crowdsale participants to get the expected profit.

This is why CINDX is offering its investors the opportunity to get a clearer view of the upcoming trading platform way before the start of the token sale, get acquainted with the basic functionality, and evaluate it on its own merits (

It is possible to take part in the discussion of the product on the official social networks of the company, the links to which you will find below.




The words "blockchain" and "cryptocurrency" have become so popular that many projects have added them to their description for the sole purpose of seeking financing.

Movie stars, sports stars, and even famous criminals (like  Pablo Escobar's younger brother) are suddenly announcing the creation of their own cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems. However, it is unlikely that these projects will be able to achieve mass implementation and demand from users.

The CINDX platform creates a complete ecosystem for cryptocurrency trading that is favorable to all the participants of the market and offers solutions to existing pain points.

This niche in the cryptocurrency market has not yet been filled, but the need for a platform like CINDX is obvious: according to the latest poll by Capgemini, 29% of investors with at least $1 million in capital have declared high interest in cryptocurrencies. The number of investors in cryptocurrency assets in Europe and the USA is expected to double within the near future.

Additionally, a survey conducted by Ipsos research firm in Q2 2018 revealed that 25% of European respondents and 21% of respondents from the USA have said that they plan to invest in cryptocurrencies.

In the near future, CINDX will declare the start of an STO (security token offering) with a goal of raising $21 million Harp Cap. With the total supply of 51.5 million tokens 51% are planned for distribution throughout the token sale at the price of $1 per token and percentage-based token bonuses will be offered throughout token sale period.


Find out more about CINDX investment ecosystem and its STO.