Yahoo Finance has integrated a service that allows to trade bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin on its platform. The service also displays statistics on other cryptocurrencies.

Trading service on Yahoo Finance now allows to buy and sell three cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and LTC) and offers statistics on Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and EOS, but they are not currently available for trading.

Some participants of the cryptocurrency community consider this launch as an important achievement in the development of the digital assets market. So, Anthony Pomppliano, a crypto enthusiast and founder of Morgan Creek Digital, tweeted that this launch indicates how rapid cryptocurrencies are spreading and gaining popularity in the world.

Yet others demonstrate scepticism. Analyst Matt Odell draws attention to the fact that the tool offered by Yahoo Finance is just a front-end interface that requires connection to a broker account. In other words, users still need an account on the Coinbase exchange or in the Robinhood application to trade cryptocurrencies through Yahoo Finance. In this regard, Odell wonders why users should choose a third-party interface instead of the original service.

The cooperation between Yahoo Finance and Coinbase began in late 2017, when they announced their integration. Starting from December, Coinbase users have been able to check balances on their Coinbase accounts through the mobile application of Yahoo Finance for Android and iOS.