Cryptocurrencies with focus on anonymity will become the fastest-growing asset in the coming years, analysts say.

In five years Monero can rise in price to $18,000, and in 10 years the price of Monero may exceed $39,500, analysts of the consulting company Satis Group predict. Monero will be the fastest growing asset on the cryptocurrency market, overtaking even bitcoin.

The first cryptocurrency, according to Satis, will rise in price to $96,000 in 5 years, and in 10 years it may reach almost $144,000. The third place by the growth rate will be occupied by Dash, whose characteristics of anonymity is also higher than that of other cryptocurrencies. After 5 years, it is forecasted to reach $1,896, and in 10 years Dash may exceed $2,900.


Ethereum and Litecoin, according to analysts, can grow slightly more than twofold. At the same time, ETH will not be able to surpass the level of $1000, and Litecoin will cost $225 even in 10 years.

Ripple will be the major looser on the cryptocurrency market. The XRP token will collapse almost to zero and after 5 years will cost about 1 cent, and in 10 years its price may fall down to tiny $0.004. The same fate awaits ADA, Stellar, EOS and Bitcoin Cash. The latter will collapse to $180.

Analysts based their forecasts on the assumption that in the future the cryptocurrency price will mostly depend not on the adoption of decentralized applications, but on its possible use in off-shore deposits.