CEO of bitcoin exchange Kraken criticized the latest actions of the New York State authorities, comparing them with a girl who pursues her ex-boyfriend even after their split.

Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, commented on the recent report of the New York State Attorney General's Office about cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Powell, the New York State authorities do not realize that many crypto exchanges do not care about their opinions.

"NY is that abusive, controlling ex you broke up with 3 years ago but they keep stalking you, throwing shade on your new relationships, unable to accept that you have happily moved on and are better off without them."

Kraken itself thanked sarcastically taxpayers of the State of New York for financing the report that contains non-public data of Kraken's competitors.

Thanks to the NY taxpayer for funding this research -- saved our Product team a lot of time, and we got some interesting non-public info on our competitors. Excellent overview of issues, and a nice list of 'Questions Customers Should Ask' on pg 32.

Kraken is not a resident of the state of New York since 2015. In 2015, the state authorities introduced mandatory licensing of cryptocurrency services called BitLicense. Licensing costs about $5,000, and receiving is a rather lengthy bureaucratic process. Kraken has repeatedly criticized the state of New York for this decision.

In the report published yesterday, the New York State Attorney General's Office reported that Kraken, as well as three other crypto exchanges, refused to provide information about their financial state, security systems, and consumer protection mechanisms. The exchanges explained their decision by not rendering services to residents of the State of New York. But the Prosecutor General's Office noted that it checked this information and passed the results of its investigation to the Financial Services Department of the State of New York, thus hinting that the explanation of the crypto exchanges is not entirely true.

CEO of ShapeShift Eric Voorhees added that New York will lose its leading position in the world of finance if it does not change its policy.

"And those kinds of people never seem to realize their behavior is what is led to the breakup ... NY is going to lose its position at the head of global finance if it doesn't change soon. Keep up the good work."