EncryptoTel released a full version of the platform. Now EncryptoTel has become more reliable, more convenient and more stable due to the use of the most advanced development systems and redesigned internal architecture of the platform.

New version of EncryptoTel PBX is the core of the platform, on which other services integrated with distributed registry technology and future additional modules, will be based.

“It is a momentous day for the entire EncryptoTel team. We are releasing the first version of our platform - faster, more stable, easily scalable and durable even during peak loads, said Roman Nekrasov, CEO of EncryptoTel. “We still have a lot to do, but the current version is the foundation for our future achievements." 

Now users have access to the full cloud EncryptoTel PBX application and mobile apps for Android (beta) and iOS (testflight). 

The version of EncryptoTel launched today (v1.0.0) offers many services for high-quality and fast communication:

- virtual number in more than 150 countries

- per second tariffication

- free and secure communication within the network

- line extensions

- call details and records with distributed access rights

- departments structure for companies

- blacklist

- call recording (optional)

- cloud file storage

- call queue

- call forwarding and voice greetings

- integrated encryption methods

- modular architecture for third-party applications and modules

and others.

Currently, EncryptoTel is undergoing an external audit by an independent company to evaluate the security system of the entire platform. This audit will be an additional confirmation of the reliability of EncryptoTel, and we have already passed our internal testing successfully.

EncryptoTel is the first virtual cloud PBX with integrated blockchain services, targeted at large companies and individuals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

The goal -  to create a reliable, secure and stable application that gives new opportunities in telecommunications - has become one step closer!

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