BitMEX Research cryptocurrency market analysts do not see any prerequisites for the significant growth of bitcoin on the cryptocurrency market. The first cryptocurrency is unlikely to overcome $15,000 next year.

Bitcoin continues to be traded in the corridor between $7000 and $8000. On the eve of 2020, crypto analysts hurry up to publish their forecasts, competing in making most unexpected and accurate predictions. Thus, BitMEX Research analysts believe that the price of bitcoin hardly exceeds $15,000 in 2020, but will not fall below $2,000. Such a prediction was published in BitMEX Research Twitter. The share of bitcoin capitalization in the cryptocurrency market will remain the most significant. The bitcoin dominance index will not fall below 30%, but will not exceed 75%.

Blockchain Capital partner Spencer Bogart is looking more optimistic in the coming year. He believes that the cryptocurrency industry will enter a new stage of development in 2020 and that the blockchain infrastructure will make a breakthrough. He predicted that bitcoin would remain the dominant cryptocurrency and move along an upward trajectory in 2020. However, Bogart did not dare to name the exact levels or numbers. Bogart also added that he sees Libra as a serious competitor to bitcoin.

Bitcoin will jump in price in the coming years to $100,000, analyst and trader Josh Rager believes. According to him, bitcoin has the potential to spurt 1000+% in the coming years. Such a forecast he made comments on the statistics of share growth during the last decade. The securities of some companies went up several dozen times over 10 years.