The Ethereum blockchain ecosystem continued to dominate the decentralized app market in 2019. Ethereum, TRON, and EOS showed the most significant dApps growth.

According to the study by DappReview, in 2019, the Ethereum blockchain became the undisputed leader in the dApp market. Ethereum currently has over 2,100 decentralized applications with a total of more than 1.8 million users. The total daily volume of transactions passing through these applications reaches about $13 billion.


The TRON blockchain became the second most popular platform for dApps. More than 660 decentralized applications are based on it with a total number of users of about 1 million. The total daily transaction volume exceeds $4.4 billion.

EOS has slightly more applications than TRON (665 dApps), but the user base is smaller, with only about 730,000 active users. However, the valuation of EOS dApps exceeds TRON with a total daily volume of about $6 billion.

“At present, these three major public chains have accounted for more than 98.65% share of the total transaction volume of the dapp market, forming the “Big Three” in dapp space,” the DappReview team said in the report.

The largest categories of Ethereum-based dApps were gaming and DeFi-applications. They account for 46.5% and 20.9% of the total number of decentralized applications, respectively. The volume of transactions through DeFi dApps (including trading) amounted to more than 90% of the total volume of transactions through Ethereum-based dApps.

It is worth noting that the growth rate of dApps based on blockchains such as NEO and Waves slowed significantly. Thus, only 24 decentralized applications with 13.22 thousand active users work on the WAVES blockchain.