The highest level of return on investment was shown in 2019 by two classes of tokens, native exchange tokens and lending DeFi-platforms coins.

LongHash together with the Messari research platform analyzed the profitability of various class tokens in 2019. The data obtained demonstrate that only two of the 19 classes of tokens analyzed showed a significant positive return on investment in US dollar terms. These classes turned out to be exchange and credit tokens.

The list of studied classes of tokens also included tokens for application development, asset management, content creation, currencies, data management, tokens of decentralized exchanges, enterprise and BaaS, gambling applications, interoperability, Internet of things, lending, payment platforms and rewards, scaling, shared compute, smart contracts and stablecoins.



The highest ROI was shown by the tokens of lending DeFi platforms. Credit tokens are commonly used by DeFi platforms allowing to borrow money from other people around the world without having to go to a bank or other third party. This indicates a growing interest in DeFi products and services. Credit tokens are a relatively small sector (8 tokens were involved in the study). Five tokens demonstrated a positive median return on investment (in US dollars) over the past 90 days, and in general for the whole 2019. These are Maker, Nexo, Ripio Credit Network, Aave and Cred. In general, credit sector tokens showed an average return on investment of more than 75% over the past year and 15% over the past 90 days.

Exchange tokens ranked second in terms of ROI with a return on investment of 70%.

The study notes that the highest median return on investment in 2019 was shown by bitcoin (140%), but the research analyzed tokens, not cryptocurrencies.

В исследовании отмечается, что самую высокую медианную рентабельность инвестиций в 2019 году показал биткоин - 140%, но он не относится к токенам.