Surojit Chatterjee, one of the senior executives of Google's parent company, Alphabet, joined Coinbase as the chief product officer.

Coinbase, the US largest cryptocurrency holding, announced that Surojit Chatterjee will become the chief product officer. Chatterjee worked in Alphabet for 11 years in various positions, and before that he had held a senior position in the Indian online store Flipkart. In 2019, Chatterjee was responsible for launching the redesign of Google Shopping, a service that is trying to compete with e-commerce giant Amazon.

The main long-term goal of Chatterjee at Coinbase will be to promote cryptocurrencies as an everyday method to pay for goods and services.

Chatterjee noted that he witnessed how mobile phones radically changed the scope of everyday payments for goods and services. Now he believes that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can help make the financial system more open to all the inhabitants of the planet by increasing cross-border trade, lowering transaction costs, ensuring higher security and giving people more control over their financial future.

Chatterjee added on his blog that developing a cryptocurrency market can help transform the Internet and make it more decentralized and secure. According to him, blockchain and cryptocurrencies can help 1.7 billion people of the planet who do not have access to banking services make cross-border payments and routine transfers.

“This is why I am inspired by Brian’s vision to create “economic freedom for everyone” and excited to be a part of the Coinbase journey.”

In 2018, Coinbase was valued at more than $8 billion after the latest funding round, with the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) InterContinental Exchange (ICE) and Tiger Global Management taking part in it.