The number of ATMs providing services for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies almost doubled over one year, while since the winter of 2017 jumped 3.5 fold.

According to Coin ATM Radar statistics, there are currently 7,043 crypto ATMs in the world. As of December 2018, their number stood at 4085 machines, while a year earlier, in December 2017, there were only 1893 crypto ATMs.

More than 16 crypto ATMs are installed daily in the world. The installation speed compared to the winter of 2019 also doubled, from 7 ATMs per day.

Almost three-quarters of all bitcoin ATMs are located in North America. The USA is the leader in this field. The United States account for 69.1% of all crypto machines in the world (4864 ATMs). The second place in the world is occupied by Canada with 706 crypto ATMs installed, while the United Kingdom ranked the third place, with 282 bitcoin ATMs. A year ago, the third line in the rating was occupied by Austria, where there were 263 crypto ATMs, but over the year their number drastically decreased to 133 machines.

The largest equipment manufacturers are Puerto Rico-based Genesis Coin and Czech Republic-based General Bytes. They account for 33.5% and 31.3% of the global cryptocurrency ATM market, respectively. The US-based Lamassu accounted for 6.8%, and the Canadian BitAccess for 7.8%.

Almost all installed crypto ATMs support bitcoin purchase or sale. Only by 4921 crypto machines support altcoins (Litecoin, ETH, BCH, Dash, and others).