According to a Russian expert, state authorities worldwide do not really want the blockchain technology to thrive, as they fear that it threatens the very idea of ​​statehood.

The authorities of no country in the world need blockchain, as they think that this technology carries the threat of losing control of the whole system.

“I am convinced that neither in Russia nor anywhere in the world state authorities want blockchain in any form. <...> In all countries, this [blockchain development] agenda was intercepted at the government level. We are now in the economic "serfdom" because we are "assigned" to one or another entity, banks," said the Russian Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev.

According to Marinichev, authorities see this technology as an instrument undermining control over the system with possibilities of hidden digital warfare. He notes that the development of this technology is hindered in many countries.

Earlier, crypto enthusiast and co-founder of Fundstrat analytical company Tom Lee said:

 “Most governments, and not just China, see cryptocurrencies as a threat to their ability to levy taxes on people. States want to control cash flows, while cryptocurrencies, of course, give people more freedom. Therefore, China, the United States and other countries have obvious problems with them. Nevertheless, even if state digital currencies are developed, I do not see anything bad for bitcoin in this. On the contrary, it will be even good, because people will still have the opportunity to choose to convert their funds into assets protected by the state. Any state digital currency will be extremely traceable, the authorities will be able to control it and withdraw it at any time, and this is not at all what many will like.”