The bitcoin exchange rate approached $7000, and gold exceeded $1600 per ounce. A well-known American entrepreneur advises investing in these assets instead of US dollars.

Bitcoin overcame the bear pressure and began to grow. On 1 April, the cryptocurrency jumped sharply from $6,200 to $6,670, after that it traded for several hours around this level. On 2 April, bitcoin again suddenly went up and exceeded $7,000, but could not hold the position and returned below this mark.

The cryptocurrency market capitalization is approaching $130 billion. The daily trading volume of bitcoin exceeded $48 billion. By this indicator, bitcoin is traditionally second only to the stablecoin USDT, which is used on most crypto exchanges as a surrogate of the UD dollar.

Following bitcoin, the entire cryptocurrency market went into growth. Ethereum added 5% per day and reached $145, Litecoin went up by 3% to $40.8. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is $193 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin often called digital gold is growing simultaneously to ordinary gold futures. The price of gold ounce on the spot market rose 1.6% to $1,639. BMO Capital Markets, an investment subsidiary of one of Canada's largest banks, Bank of Montreal, raised its forecast for gold prices for the current year, worsening the forecast for other goods, its analytical note reads. According to BMO estimates, in the second quarter, the average price of gold will be $1660/ounce, rising to $1700 in the fourth quarter.

Investors should refuse to buy US dollars in favor of gold, silver or bitcoins. Such advice was given by American entrepreneur and author of the popular book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki. He recalled that the US Federal Reserve Service (FRS) is preparing to print additional $6.2 trillion and inject it into the market in order to maintain liquidity amid the economic crisis caused by falling oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic.

“Why save money when QE FED counterfeiting is printing trillions of fake dollars-$82 billion a month to $125 billion a day? Why save when ZIRP, zero interest policy pays losers zero? Save gold-god’s money or Bitcoin-people’s money,” he wrote on Twitter.