On May 6, investors of the TON blockchain platform received a new offer from the team of Pavel Durov. US non-residents are invited to arrange their investment in TON as a loan at 53% per annum.

TON investors, who were able to confirm that they are not US citizens and do not reside in the United States, received another offer from the Telegram team. The letter, which such investors received on May 6, proposes to formalize their investment in TON as a loan at 52.77% per annum. If they agree, in April 2021, they will be able to receive a return of 110% of their initial investment. However, Telegram can repay the loan earlier, in this case, US non-resident investors will receive 72% of their initial investments plus interest based on the rate of 52.77% per annum, but not less than the interest for three months of using the loan.

Last week, the second deadline for the TON launch expired. Due to a lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a direct ban on the release of Gram tokens, considered unregistered securities by the US regulator, Telegram offered investors to postpone the platform launch date once again, this time to April 30, 2021.

The last letter to US non-resident investors hints that the TON team no longer promises to give out Grams to investors, but only to repay the loan, and therefore it can be assumed that Telegram admits the possibility not to launch the TON platform at all.

“We tried to find out something from the team. Nothing is clear, but so far they say something like this: “We tried, we did not succeed. The truth was that there was a plan to issue cryptocurrency in a year, but after consulting with the authorities, we rejected it,” one of the investors told in a conversation with The Bell. “Now the team promises only to return the money, but with the right to terminate the loan agreement in three months. The option is not that impressive. There is, of course, hope that TON will be launched, but it is rather my personal hope.”

“It is very likely that they are quietly moving off the topic with the blockchain,” said another investor. “I admit this scenario: Durov may sell 20-25% of Telegram shares to some Arab investors and simply return the money to everyone. But I think this will not end there. There will be showdowns and trials. There were a lot of intermediaries and a lot of transactions took place not on a legal plane.”