Cryptorush of 2017 inspired major US companies to experiment with blockchain solutions. According to a recent study, nearly three-quarters of Fortune’s leading companies are exploring opportunities or already implementing blockchain solutions.

The largest US companies began to be interested in blockchain after 2017. According to the report by The Block Research, 72 out of 100 companies in the Fortune list are studying or have already launched services based on blockchain technology. The Fortune list consists of the 500 largest US companies in terms of revenue. The Block Research reviewed the 100 largest Fortune 500 companies and analyzed which of them became interested in the distributed ledger technology.


By sector, almost a quarter (24%) of companies included in the study work in the field of finance.

About 42% of the 72 companies studying blockchain one way or another are only at the initial stage. At this stage, they patent blockchain solutions projects, enter into consortia to create blockchain solutions, but they have not yet reached the real implementation of these solutions in business processes and services. Almost the same number (42%) of companies are at the second stage of development of blockchain solutions. They test pilot blockchain projects. Only a little less than 17% of companies have reached the third stage which is the implementation of blockchain in products and business processes.

The most popular blockchain among corporate clients is Hyperledger, in particular, Hyperledger Fabric. The dominance of Hyperledger is due to the fact that most of the studied companies work with the IBM Blockchain, which is based on the structure of the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain.

Firms using Ethereum for their blockchain efforts often work on a private branch of a public blockchain, such as Quorum by JP Morgan. Another popular blockchain among corporations is R3's Corda.