Large Bitcoin investment funds expect cryptocurrencies to rise after announcements of new government support programs in the United States. Bitcoin can go up to $50,000.

Pantera Capital and Bitwise Asset Management forecast bitcoin growth triggered by new stimulus packages from central banks in major economies. Among such measures is possible repetition of direct payments to American households, in favor of which US President Donald Trump spoke recently. The United States Federal Reserve is also planning new support measures. The Fed said it would start buying bonds directly from the issuing companies, effectively becoming a lender to large corporations. Previously, such emergency lending was limited to financial institutions.

According to one of the popular investment models, known as the ratio of reserves to capital, bitcoin could grow to $115,000 by August 2021, analysts at Pantera Investment Fund calculated. Currently, bitcoin is trading at around $9151, having failed to stay above $10,000.

“Tsunami of money will have a large impact,” Pantera said in a monthly newsletter. “If there are trillions more paper dollars, the law of supply and demand implies much more paper money to buy the same amount of cryptocurrency.”

Matthew Hougan, global director of research at Bitwise, said in a monthly letter to investors on June 15 that bitcoin could go up to $50,000 if its market capitalization reaches only 10% of the approximately 9 trillion gold market.

“It’s a matter of when, not if,” Hougan told CoinDesk.

Analysts at Delphi Digital research company suggest that the next wave of government support will create fertile ground for bitcoin to grow. “The broader macro backdrop has never been more favorable for bitcoin.”