The Stockholm law firm Advokatfirman Rise & Co AB has reportedly filed customers’ complaints about KnCMiner products and is taking the mining company to court.


According to the law firm, there are three pending class action suits against KnCMiner and at least 24 individual actions. The customers’ complaints centre on the infamous KnC Titan mining hardware that allegedly shipped with delays, was poorly built, and which the company refused to refund customers for.

A special website was set up on April 16th to follow the lawsuit and provide a space for the ‘victims’ of KnCMiner. The webpage promises to provide information about the class action lawsuits against the company. The website invites anyone who considers themselves to be a ‘victim’ of KnCMiner to share their experience and join the lawsuit. The website does not have much content at the moment but visitors are encouraged to come back for updates.

According to media reports, KnCMiner delayed or failed to deliver purchased hardware and refused to cancel orders or refund the customers when requested. The quality of the Titan miners did not match the company’s descriptions or the customers’ expectations and some of them were reported to be dangerously combustible.

One of the law firm’s clients wrote about their experience with Titan:

‘All the while we were having huge problems with their machines (fires, burnt-out cores, random shutdowns, etc.). [At the same time], KnC was making press/Twitter, etc. releases about how happy their customers were with the junk they had sent them. A bit after that they took away the option for a Batch 2 Titan, but I, and others, have emails that we sent KnC asking for confirmation that we were getting a Batch 2 Titan, and always got a reply saying, yes, it’s confirmed.’

CoinFox wrote earlier about a report in Swedish media regarding over 100 customers who complained about the company’s products and services. Their complaints were reportedly transferred to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN). When we reached out to KnCMiner about the situation, the company denied any problems reported on their products. They did not confirm any cases of complaints or lawsuits either.


# Matthew Pappas 2015-12-25 22:02
KnCMiner are scammers.
Check this out.