Swiss Governmental Computer Emergency Response team advises all the users in Europe to be careful. Group of hackers began a DDOS attack on several high-profile organizations. To stop the attack hackers demand 25 BTC from the victims.

According to Swiss experts, the name of the team is DD4BC

“Since earlier this week, the DD4BC Team expanded their operation to Switzerland. MELANI / is aware of several high profile targets in Switzerland that have recently received a blackmail from DD4BC and have consequently suffered from DDoS attacks, obviously conducted by DD4BC.”

To stop the attack, the team of hackers demands a certain amount of bitcoins from their chosen victims.

“Rather than give in and pay DD4BC a certain amount of Bitcoins, we recommend victims to talk to their Internet Services Provider (ISP) to discuss mitigation techniques, such as IP based rate limiting or (temporary) Geo IP address filter. In addition, we recommend to file a criminal complaint at your local police.”

Computer Emergency Response Team also advices users to remove any crucial infrastructure from the network that is vulnerable to DDOS-attacks or to install an anti-DDOS attack software. Experts warn, that DD4BC attacks are usually about 4-30 Gbits/second.

CoinFox conducted a short study in Reddit and found out that DD4BC is a very active group of hackers. In 2015 alone, they attacked and Both teams claim to come out dry without paying any ransom to the mysterious company. In March 2015, bitcoin mining company Bitmain warned their clients about a possible attack from the group of hackers and published their extortion letter.

“Unless you pay 10 BTC to [redacted] within 12 hours from now, your pool servers are going under heavy DDoS attack.”

The company survived the attack without paying ransom. From this time onwards several people tried to find the hackers from the group, whose business remained quite profitable apparently. In the beginning of May, one of the Reddit users claimed to have seenDD4BC member boasting about their success in BitcoinTalk.

“I saw the user [hacker team member] in the gambling site threads. He said he wouldn't do it if it wasn't so profitable, if people didn't pay.”